French doors have been around since the 17th century and are as popular as ever. I would estimate 2 out of 3 we install are a direct replacement for patio doors.

While a patio door only has one opener, French doors really create the feeling that the garden is part of your living space when both doors are opened up onto a lawn, deck or patio.

French doors can be made to open out or in. If opening outward we fit door restrictors as standard to prevent the door being blown in the wind when in the open position. Top quality security locks fitted as standard and handle options include White, Gold or Chrome.

We can supply these made to match the profile and colour of your existing windows and doors.

Like our windows, these door frames are high specification profiles with 70mm depth and 5 chambers for strength and are accredited with both the British Kite Mark and British Board of Agrement certificates for your peace of mind.

Features and Benefits of French Doors

Fitted with 28mm Argon filled double glazed units made with Planitherm glass (Britain’s best selling low-e glass), your new French doors will let plenty of light in during the winter months without letting the warmth out. In the Summer months, nothing beats having both doors fully open to let the fragrance of your garden drift into your home along with some much needed fresh air.

Our French doors are designed to match the beauty of traditional wooden doors but without the required maintenance. They’ll keep out everything the Manx weather throws at them and unlike wooden doors, they won’t ever peel, twist or warp.

With no central mullion these double doors open up to produce a wide unobstructed view out into the garden making the room they are installed in feel much more spacious. They’re also extremely useful when it comes to moving furniture in or out of the property.

Something that used to be a problem for French doors was security, or the perceived lack of it – 2 doors must mean twice the risk was how the logic went. Modern uPVC French doors have multi-point locking systems fitted as standard, making them as secure as a modern single door.

Another past problem was drought and it’s the most common thing mentioned whenever I recommend French doors to someone wanting a price for a patio door. Original wooden French doors did suffer from being draughty but with today’s modern uPVC version, it simply isn’t a problem.

Replacing an old wooden pair or an old patio door with a set of our new white french doors costs just £995 while a Rosewood external and white internal finish will set you back just £1295